Buganda Kingdom signs a Memorandum of Understanding with Uganda Bureau of Statistics (UBOS).

Uganda Bureau of statistics (UBOS) has formalized a working relationship with Buganda Kingdom aimed at establishing a Buganda statistical unit that will enable an exchange of Statistical data to uphold quality Statistics for the central region. During the signing of the partnership between UBOS and Buganda Kingdom, Buganda Kingdom Premier, Charles Peter Mayiga pledged support to the partnership to ensure collection of data which is accurate and dependable which he said will serve Kabaka’s subjects. While signing the partnership UBOS Executive Director, Dr. Chris Mukiza, highlighted that the high population of Buganda Kingdom of up to 11,453,000 people in 25 districts makes the Kingdom worth of partnering with. He commended the Kabaka for allowing UBOS set up a statistical unit.

“Buganda has a population of 11,453,000 people and it contributes more than 55% to the economy. It has 25 districts and 3 cities. It’s worth to partner with. UBOS will dedicate Senior Statistical officers to work hand in hand with Buganda Kingdom.