Namulondo Investments Limited

Located in the heart of Buganda Kingdom, NIL is a property management and Real Estate Development Company incorporated under the Laws of Uganda Cap 110. It is under the stewardship of the Minister of Finance, Planning and Economic Development. It is specifically set up to manage the Kingdom’s large portfolio of properties nestled in the country side of Buganda Kingdom as well as engage in Real Estate Development and Investment. Namulondo Investments limited also provides a range of property related services for the Kabaka’s subjects irrespective of location to help them maximize return on their investment.

Mission: To professionally manage Kingdom properties and engage in real estate investment and development while all the time ensuring customer satisfaction.
Vision: To be a premier property management and real estate development company in Buganda Kingdom, Uganda, and indeed East Africa.

Majestic Brands Limited

Majestic Brands Limited [MBL] is a limited liability company created by Buganda Kingdom to undertake innovative and competitive activities, to harness the Buganda Brand for the benefit of the people of Buganda.MBL is a subsidiary of Buganda Investments & Commercial Undertakings (BICUL), the Kingdom’s holding company that was formed to generate revenue from engagement in viable and appropriate investment opportunities for the financing or co-financing of Buganda’s economic, social and cultural programs.

Mission: Facilitating economic empowerment for self-sustainable development.
Vision: To build a Kingdom that serves its people.

Buganda Cultural & Dev't Foundation

The Buganda kingdom established BUCADEF in 1994 as a Non-Governmental Organisation (No. S5914/1 432), non political legitimate body corporate particularly charged with spearheading and directing social economic development in communities. It was established to achieve sustainable improvement in the living standards and welfare of the people, in addition building capacities of communities in order to render effective services to cause sustainable development. BUCADEF has various programmes which have been defined and paraded within the overall framework of existing government macro-economic policies and programmes that include;

  • Economic programmes designed to create and expand income earning opportunities, specifically sustainable agriculture and enterprise development, investment and commercial undertakings.
  • Social sector programmes designed to promote community development, food sufficiency, health and education services, water and sanitation and communal infrastructure.
  • Social assistance programmes intended to assist disadvantaged social groups.
  • Production support programmes that support the implementation of the above economic, social and social assistance programmes.

It is against this background that BUCADEF orients itself to spearhead and direct general community development emphasizing the promotion of standards of living particularly of the rural community and the urban poor in the central region

Mission: To promote and foster social economic advancement of all Buganda through blending culture with modern management styles to cause sustainable development.
Vision: A dignified quality of life for the people of Buganda.

K2 Telecom Limited

K2 Telecom is an indigenous brand with a vision to become the leading and most popular people oriented telecom brand in Uganda! The vision of this telecom company is to enable social-economic development through provision of reliable, quality and affordable telecom services.
We hopefully believe you will find answers for all questions you have about K2 Telecom here.
It is against this background that BUCADEF orients itself to spearhead and direct general community development emphasizing the promotion of standards of living particularly of the rural community and the urban poor in the central region

Mission: To Provide Effective Communication That Will Improve Livelihoods.
Vision: Mobile solutions to SMs, voice calls and internet services We are sincerely grateful, for your interest in K2 Telecom, and we encourage you to explore more of our Web site.

Central Broadcasting Service

CENTRAL BROADCATING SERVICE also referred to as 88.8 and 89.2 CBS Fm Radio Buganda, is the most listened to radio station in Central Uganda. It is owned by Buganda Kingdom and operates two frequencies 88.8 Fm and 89.2 FM.

Buganda Broadcasting Service

BBS is a private limited company incorporated in February 2018 based in Kampala Uganda. Buganda Broadcasting Service is the official Broadcasting Television of the Buganda Kingdom mandated to create and engender informative, educative, entertaining and cultural content across all genres of customers through our different platforms while keeping in mind the changing needs and trends in the industry. Our ability to provide rich content in multiple genres ranging from children’s and educational programmes, drama, announcements, news and current affairs, continue to position BBS as a trusted broadcasting media in Uganda. BBS strives to serve the information, educational and entertainment needs of millions of citizens who rely on our services for access to accurate, reliable and balanced content of each and everyone’s choice…

Buganda Heritage & Tourism Boar

Buganda Heritage and Tourism board is responsible for protecting, preserving and promoting the heritage of Buganda’s culture. Buganda in Kampala has been referred to as the home of one of the world’s richest cultural sites. The trail covers a radius of about 25 Kilometers. These include heritage sites, eco-tourism, Galleries, craft shops, bookshops, entertainment points and lifestyle among the Baganda people too interesting….


PEWOSA was born in April 2009 with the main objective to mobilise, sensitize, train and equip groups of people (particularly women who make up 75%) in selected sub- counties with relevant skills in savings mobilisation, group dynamics, leadership skills, record keeping & management, business skills and credit management among others. It is envisioned that this will bring about improved quality of life for the people of Buganda and Uganda at large.

Kabaka Foundation

The Kabaka Foundation is a charitable trust registered as a Non-Government Organisation. Its overall aim is to institute, promote, encourage and support cultural, educational, literacy, economic, social and charitable projects for the benefit of the public in Buganda and Uganda..

Nnabagereka Dev't Foundation

Founded by Her Royal Highness Sylvia Nagginda, the Nnabagereka (Queen) of the Kingdom of Buganda, the Nnabagereka Development Foundation – NDF – is a charitable organisation that leverages culture for development…

Weerinde Insurance Services SMC LTD

Weerinde Royal Brokerage Company mandated to offer insurance brokerage services country wide.