Affordable houses in Sentema Estate: Buganda Kingdom partners with Centenary Bank.

Buganda Kingdom signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Centenary Rural Development bank on 3rd February 2021, to enable the people acquire affordable housing units in Mirembe estate in Sentema through mortgage financing. Sentema is located only 13 kms from the Kampala Northern By-Pass.

The MoU will see the development of 400 housing units comprising of one to three bedrooms on 50 acres, a vocational school on 10 acres, an industrial park on 50 acres as well as restaurants, shopping mall, clinic and other recreational sites.  

 Below are the house types and costs;

  • Single bedroom house – UgShs58M
  •  Two bedroom – UgShs95M
  •  Three bedroom – UgShs130M

Housing Finance Bank will offer mortgage loans with very low interest rate for a period of 10 years to all those who desire to acquire the houses.

Executive Buganda Land Board, Managing Director Guoji Group Company Ltd and General Manager, Corporate communications Centenary Rural Development Bank singing a Memorandum of understanding.